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Bend Soap Company's Annual Scrap Sale: Imperfect Bars, Perfect Deals!

In 2011, as families across the country were finding their footing after the Great Recession, Bend Soap Company was born out of a desire to offer a beacon of hope and healing. At a time when joblessness soared and budgets tightened, we introduced our all-natural goat milk soaps, crafted not just with care for your skin but with consideration for your finances. Despite the affordability of our lovingly made soaps, we understood that for some, every dollar had to stretch even further.

Our founder, Dwight, often encountered folks drawn to the allure of our handcrafted products at the various farmer’s markets or trade shows that he attended. One particular story he loves to recount, embodies the spirit of those times and the foundational values of Bend Soap Company.

On a sunny afternoon, a mother, her face etched with worry and her children in tow, approached our booth. They were searching, not just for relief but for a glimmer of hope. Her child's eczema had left them all longing for a simple solace, a remedy that seemed just beyond reach amidst their financial woes.

Dwight noticed the mother's lingering gaze at our array of products. With a gentle approach, he struck up a conversation, learning of her struggles and the desperate quest for her child's comfort. It was in this moment, beneath the hum of market life, that Dwight's compassion shone brightest.

He invited the family to the Soap House, a place teeming with the fragrant promise of natural relief. There, amidst the warm wooden shelves and the comforting aroma of essential oils, he shared with them the humble offerings of soap scraps. These weren't just remnants of our soap-making process; to Dwight and the family, they were fragments of hope.

For pennies on the dollar, the mother was able to gather what she needed. Each piece, though imperfect in shape, held the perfect blend of care and quality. Dwight's gesture was more than a transaction; it was an invitation into a community where empathy and support flourished, and where financial hurdles didn't deter access to well-being.

Bend Soap Scrap Sale

This was the true inspiration behind our annual Scrap Sale: Every imperfectly shaped bar, and even ones that didn't quite make the cut for individual sale due to shape irregularities, found its purpose in our beloved milk bath formula. However, with an abundance of these unique bars remaining, we're thrilled to offer them to you at an unbelievable discounted price!

The Scrap Process

Once our goat milk soap is cut, we separate it into two distinct piles. The first pile is for our perfect soaps, cut with precision. The second pile is for our imperfectly shaped soaps, each unique in its charm but unable to be labeled. These imperfect soaps are then carefully weighed to ensure each parcel contains a pound of delightful imperfection ready just for you.  

We believe that everyone deserves access to good "clean" soap! The Scrap Sale is designed with every single person in mind. It's a chance for you to grab a piece of our history, to experience the essence of Bend Soap Company's humble beginnings, and to indulge in the goodness of our handmade products.

Bend Soap Scrap Sale

Join us in celebrating imperfection and embracing uniqueness as we open the doors to our treasure trove of imperfect bars. Each bar may not be flawless in appearance, but its charm lies in its story, its journey from a misfit to a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by someone who appreciates its value.

So for those who love a good deal, here’s the special treat we have waiting just for you. During our annual Scrap Sale, you can get your hands on one pound of goat milk soap at an unbelievably deep discount! This is your chance to experience all the skin benefits of our signature soap at a price that will make you do a double-take. Treat yourself to this exceptional offer and pamper your skin with the nourishing goodness of our goat milk soap, all while enjoying significant savings.

Goat Milk Soap

Don't miss out on this opportunity to snag these one-of-a-kind bars at prices that will make your wallet smile. Let's continue our commitment to sustainability, affordability, and quality, one imperfect bar at a time. This year, be a part of our Scrap Sale tradition – where imperfection meets delight, and every purchase tells a story of resilience and resourcefulness.


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