Bend Soap Company Celebrates 6 Years!

Bend Soap Company Celebrates 6 Years!

Everyone is always asking me, How’s Bend Soap Company doing?

I realize that we sort of dropped off the planet in a way. This last year, we've hardly posted any family life moments. Life has been super busy this year, with the new baby, growing business needs, and many events on our property. I often forget to share what’s going on.

So, let me help catch you up on this past year, as a way of highlighting the happenings of our 6th year with Bend Soap Company!

- Marilee Johnson

Growing Business

Every year so far, Bend Soap Company has grown by a crazy 50% per year! In manufacturing, this growth is insane! But this year, we grew by 50% in half the time! 

This means that we’re on track to more than double this year. No wonder it’s been crazy around here!

"This year, we grew by 50% in half the time!" 

It’s fun to share, because, hey, I’m nerdy at heart. Numbers delight me (Excel, baby!). And it represents the addition of so many new members to the Bend Soap Company family (that’s YOU, my friends!), as well as the faithful, loyal support of those of you who have been with us for many years (LOVE YOU, TOO!). All your photos, the reviews, your visits, bringing family out, and the wonderful feedback we’ve received have been such a blessing. We appreciate your love and support, and coming alongside our family to help us on our mission.  

Growing Mission

Every company needs to chart its course, and our vision has grown and changed over these years.

Early on, we just wanted to try to build a small, little business, but YOU have helped us realize that there are literally millions of people in dire need of our products. Folks that..

    • Have suffered for years with harsh skin sensitivities, spending thousands of dollars trying to find a solution.
    • Are allergic to common ingredients in other skincare products and simply cannot use them.
    • Have been affected by the use of toxins and horrid ingredients leaving a mess in their wake.
    • Would love to make their own using quality ingredients, but just don’t have the time or energy or where-with-all.
    • Don’t want to spend $9/bar or $20/bottle to take care of their family’s skin.

      There are millions of people that need pure, simple goodness for their bodies. Our vision has increased and our mission has become more impassioned! Our aim is now to rid this country of skin care products that use harmful, toxic chemicals. Our mission is to offer a quality product, that does not compromise on ingredients, and holds to the highest standards. Our mission is to offer an affordable product to everyone (which is why we’ve not raised our prices on our soap from the day we started in 2011)! Our mission is to make Bend Soap Company a household name.

      You Are Part of Our Vision!

      We would love to see the whole world using ALL NATURAL goat milk soap! You are part of that vision! Thank you for loving and sharing our products. We are excited, as always, to give back to you and to our community as often as possible. We are thrilled to give away a whole bunch of products to celebrate! You can register for a chance to win HERE.

      A Growing Team

      As we’ve grown, and we’ve had our open hands even fuller than ever, God has seen fit to bring a team with amazing skills and efforts into our Bend Soap Company family. It’s a team effort and we are blessed to be working alongside such joyous members that have the same passions we do. We’re also delighted to work with a growing number of local businesses who offer us help with design, content, SEO, social media, printing, and supplies.

      Bend Soap Company Team

      We’d like to take this opportunity to officially introduce our Chief Operating Officer for Bend Soap Company, Travis Tuttle.

      Travis and his gracious wife, Kami, along with their 3 energetic sons, have fit right in on the farm, helping out wherever there’s a need. Travis started helping Bend Soap Company from Seattle, Washington in October of last year, but officially moved the entire family to Bend, Oregon this Spring to join us full time. Travis has come alongside Dwight to help relieve me (Marilee) from management oversight and marketing and is helping to move the company forward, upgrading all the little mom and pop processes along the way. He and Dwight have become an unstoppable team. Not only is Travis one of the most capable individuals I’ve ever met, he has a passion to serve and help others, and is quite the self-motivated and productive team player! We are super excited about having him and his family join Bend Soap Company.

      Travis Tuttle and Family

      Growing Facility

      We still manufacture our soaps and skincare products in the tiny little kitchen in the Soap House and now ship out hundreds of packages a day. Everyone’s practically tripping over one another. So, we've finally overflowed into the large arena on the property for curing and storage.

      "Our mission is to offer a quality product, that does not compromise on ingredients, and holds to the highest standards."

      Pallets of inventory keep arriving daily from trucks and semis and it’s really turned into a warehouse of productivity! It’s so fun to see Dwight’s manufacturing dreams from his youth becoming a reality. The next step is to totally revamp our soap making process by bringing in larger equipment and multiplying our efforts. Stay tuned for some crazy coolness in the next few months!

      Soap House at Bend Soap Company

      Growing Markets

      As if that weren’t enough, Bend Soap Company is now on Amazon! Do you shop there? I know I sure do! Well, now your favorite products are available in the world’s largest retailer and shipped to your door free of shipping (for Prime members). In addition, more and more retail stores are carrying our products around the country including Whole Foods and Natural Grocers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas. It’s so fun to see customers being able to buy from their local stores across the US. Canada and Mexico… Amazon should be able to get Bend Soap Company products to your doorstep as well!

      So, thank you for being on the journey with us! We are excited about the years to come and the adventures before us. What the next year holds… Who knows! But we are delighted to find out and continue to help as many people as possible along the way.

      - Dwight and Marilee Johnson


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      I have been using Bend Soap products for several months. Absolutely LOVE IT ! My skin does too ;)
      My favorite 3 Goat Milk Lotions are: Lavender, Sweet Orange and Island Coconut.
      I like to give these lotions as gifts, don’t want my family and friends to miss out on these awesome products.
      When the supply in my household gets low, I place my order knowing I will get it in a timely matter and the packaging of the product is done with such care….puts a BIG SMILE on this face when it arrives🥰
      Blessings to you Bend Soap People !

      Lorrie Benjamin

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