Ask Bend Soap: How do I handle summer eczema?

Ask Bend Soap: How do I handle summer eczema?

Ah, summer! The sun is shining, the days are longer, the lightning bugs make their way on the scene and the nighttime crickets begin to sing…

While some of us are excitedly welcoming the summer weather and saying farewell to our winter skin struggles, others’ eczema flare-ups are only just starting. (And for some, eczema is a year-round struggle.)

At Bend Soap, we welcome our customers’ feedback and inquiries; after all, we love to help others conquer their skincare troubles. We’ve barely hit the peak of summer, and one question that we’ve seen pop up a few times already is “how do I manage eczema in the summer?” 

Bend Soap, 

What gives? I’m super frustrated with my skin. I’ve had oily skin my whole life, but now at 36 years old, I’m struggling with intermittent periods of eczema. I’ve tracked my food and the products I use and can’t seem to identify a trigger other than the change of seasons. I’ve noticed it a bit in the winter, particularly if I’m in an area with dry air, but it’s typically manageable and I didn’t have to make too many changes to my routine. 

Here in Texas we’re used to the heat, but this spring was especially rainy, and we’re having the most humid weather I’ve experienced since living here. Truth be told, I thought the humidity would be better for my skin, but I’m having the worst eczema flare-ups to date. Any insight? 

Rest assured that you’re not alone, and we’re happy to help educate our customers about summer seasonal triggers and offer some recommendations to alleviate some of the discomfort so you and your loved ones can enjoy your summer vacation - without the itch! 


What worsens eczema in the summer?


Yes, that’s right. We hate to say it. Even though it’s the body’s natural way of cooling off, sweat can be a trigger for anyone who struggles with skin sensitivities or eczema. Why? It has to do with the residue left behind after sweat dries. 

The sodium and other minerals left behind from sweat can irritate the skin once it has dried. 


The chlorine dilemma

Cooling off in a refreshing pool can be a double-edged sword for eczema sufferers. While some people swear by pools, citing the chlorine content provides similar relief to bleach baths, it’s a slippery slope. Chlorine dries out skin of all types, and as with anything else, moderation is key. 

The occasional dip in the pool may alleviate eczema in the short term, but persistent pool days without the correct follow-up can create increasing dryness - a known trigger for eczema. 

Prolonged exposure to outdoor allergens 

Is being outside in the sunshine causing an eczema flareup? It may seem that way, but it’s not the case. The chances are that the combination of heat (and probably sweating) mixed with simply being outside in the nicer weather for longer periods is increasing exposure to environmental allergens. Pollen, animals, grasses, molds and all types of natural triggers that you wouldn’t spend much time interacting with in the colder months could impact your eczema. 

Prolonged sun exposure 

It may seem like every aspect of the summer is out to get you but don’t hide yourself away indoors all season. Use these extra precautions and tips to get the most out of the summer months. 

How to manage summer eczema

Stay hydrated

You may have guessed it, but many of the summer eczema triggers can be mitigated by…keeping hydrated! So many of the issues with eczema in the summer boil down to dryness, which is exacerbated by being dehydrated. 

According to the National Eczema Association, the amount of water you drink does in fact affect your skin. A 2023 study even proved that additional water intake was tied to increased hydration in the top layer of skin, which could mean less chance of skin irritation. Get sippin’!

Head for the shade

This tip is a best practice, even for those who don’t struggle with eczema. While you may be dreaming of a golden suntan, be cautious with prolonged sun exposure which can cause your skin to overheat and dry out.

Make sure to seek out shade instead of soaking up uninterrupted hours of sun. And when you can’t? Check out our next tip:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Because dryness is the catalyst for most eczema summer woes, moisturizing is your best friend. When it comes to moisturizers, we stand by our tips to opt for more natural and skin-friendly products.

We prefer our Unscented Goat Milk Lotion to restore skin hydration because it prioritizes moisture and even includes aloe vera - a must for your sun-soaked skin. 

Hit the beach

Wait, didn’t we just recommend staying out of the sun? We still support that idea, but we can’t deny that there is something soothing and healing about the sea saltwater. 

Saltwater can both cleanse and soothe the skin due to its salt and mineral properties. Keep in mind that, like most things, everyone’s skin reacts differently to different interactions. Even after diving head-first into the waves, it’s a good practice to pat dry (not rub) and rinse off before the salt dries on your skin.

Opt for breathable clothing and fabrics

Who wouldn’t want to opt for a breezy dress or top in the summer anyway? It’s especially optimal for eczema-prone skin. Not only does breathable fabric like linen fit the season, but it’s also a preferred fabric for those with sensitive skin because it allows your skin to breathe rather than being suffocated and clinging to sweat. 

Breathable clothing can also come in the form of larger, less fitted styles. Airy and loose fitting is the name of the game. 


Join in on the conversation! What’s your number one way to combat summertime eczema? Sound off in the comments.

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