All-Natural - What Exactly Does That Mean?

All-Natural - What Exactly Does That Mean?

Today, many products we put on our bodies contain a list of chemicals we can’t read or understand.

When you choose Bend Soap Company's goats milk soap and other natural skin care products, you’re choosing all-natural products made with just a handful of natural ingredients (i.e. no synthetic substances or harsh chemicals!)

Why All-Natural?

Have you ever tried reading the ingredients on a bar of soap? If so, you probably realized it’s difficult to pronounce most of the ingredients! Not to mention, the list may contain upwards of 15-20 ingredients. All in a bar of soap?!

That’s right. Commercial soaps are filled with harsh chemicals and strange concoctions. But the question we should be asking is, what are these chemicals doing to our bodies over time?

At Bend Soap Company, we care about what you put on your skin because we use the same products on our family and we are passionate about NATURAL living! We skip the harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, mess with your hormones, and potentially cause cancer.

We make our goat’s milk soap from a list of simple, nourishing ingredients. When you choose all-natural soaps, you’re giving your skin the hydration and care it needs to smell clean, look rejuvenated, and be healthy!

The Four 100% Natural Ingredients We Use

All Natural Goat Milk Soap | Bend Soap Company

Each bar of goat’s milk soap has these four main all-natural ingredients:

  • Goat’s Milk: Each bar of our goat milk soap is loaded with natural moisturizers including vitamins and minerals your skin loves. Each bar consists of over 26% raw goat’s milk straight from our farm! Rest assured, our goats are never treated with steroids, antibiotics, or toxic substances, and are fed fresh hay grown right on our farm. Learn more about the benefits of goat’s milk in soap.

  • Coconut Oil: Ahh, nature’s “fountain of youth.” Coconut oil is full of Vitamin E and moisturizes and soothes the skin, leaving it more youthful looking as it fends off wrinkles and sagging skin. Coconut oil also helps create an amazing lather!

  • Olive Oil: This fine Mediterranean oil is full of antioxidants and leaves your skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.

  • Red Palm Oil: All of our palm oil is sustainably harvested and completes our team of plant oils! Palm oil hardens the bar and contributes to the amazing lather. It’s also loaded with vitamin E and offers another layer of rich moisture for your body.

All-Natural - What Exactly Does That Mean - Bend Soap Company

Other Ingredients

Two other ingredients are used in our bars of soap.

  • Lye: Also known as Sodium Hydroxide, is added to turn the fat and oils into hardened soap. While the name may sound scary, it’s not that bad, being very close to the composition of baking soda. Back in the day, lye was made by soaking hardwood ash in water. This turned the water a very strong alkali and was used in turning lard (animal fat) into soap. Lye is a necessary ingredient to make soap otherwise, you'd just have fat and liquid. Through the soap-making process, the milk and oils neutralize with the lye and it disappears.

  • 100% Natural Essential Oils: These oils are pure, undiluted and the highest level of purity available. We create specific blends of essential oils to make our soaps smell great and to add healthy therapeutic benefits to each bar!

Our Commitment to You

We’re committed to using high-quality, natural ingredients in our soaps. You’ll never find dyes, detergents, fillers, parabens, alcohols, GMO oils, or synthetic ingredients. That’s our promise!

Shop our goat milk soaps to find all-natural products for you and your family. When you choose all-natural goat’s milk soap, you receive peace of mind and your skin will love it!

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