Relief and Better Living, Priced as it Should Be

Relief and Better Living, Priced as it Should Be

Over the past ten years, we've been grateful and honored to receive your trust and support. Our mission to provide all-natural products that benefit you and your family has never changed and never will.

We have a heart for health and continually look for more ways to help people with our products. So when we first learned about CBD and started hearing stories about how it was helping people, we were fascinated by the potential of its exceptional properties.

We've experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand. Not too long ago, I remembered how sore my legs were after finishing a 5K at one of our annual events. I could barely walk. The pain quickly subsided as I massaged some CBD cream onto my soreness – and the relief was surprisingly long-lasting. The next day I felt like a million bucks.

We began a multi-year, deep dive into what CBD is, how it works in the body, how it's produced, and how truly beneficial it is to others. In 2019, I decided to pursue an avenue to bring CBD to customers like you. If you were customers with us at that time, you might remember we partnered with a company to which we supplied CBD soaps and other products. We decided to part ways with them for many reasons. I realized we couldn't support their products' high prices, and customers like you deserved better.

We feel it's time to deliver the power of CBD the right way, and once again, we'd love to earn your trust and support for our latest endeavor. I'm incredibly pleased to introduce you to our new brand: Country Lane. We are featuring a new line of affordable CBD products infused with CBD that was organically grown on our 40-acre farm.

Need to soothe those nerves? Take a few drops of CBD oil (raw or vanilla) in your mouth to regain your sense of calm, set yourself up for a renewing night of sleep with our lavender and CBD-infused goat milk bath, and apply some relief gel on trouble spots for inflammation relief.

Try our CBD oil, formulated as both a cognitive enhancement and physical relaxation agent if you're struggling with insomnia. It may help you get rid of any anxious thoughts that may be keeping you away from a sweet slumber while also providing a calm focus throughout the next day.

The stories of how Bend Soap Company has impacted our customers' lives have brought laughter, tears, joy, and overwhelming gratitude to every one of us. With this next chapter, we cannot wait to hear how Country Lane helps you and your family experience relief and better living, priced exactly as it should be.

Dwight Johnson

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Susan Stone


Do all your soaps contain cbd?


Maybe you could share some of the research you read? I’ll check your blog. I like the idea, but it also makes me nervous. How do I know THC would not be a factor? I’m more apt to consider it because I trust & respect your family business.

Maria Banu

I have been using your soup for dome time now.I also give it as gifts. Glad to hear that you have CBD products and it is affordable! Congratulations!


do all your soaps contain cbd ?


Thank you for making CBD products more affordable for those of us who are on fixed income. We have been using your soap for several years and we love giving it as gifts. Thank you for caring about your customers!❤

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