A New Beginning to Better Serve You

A New Beginning to Better Serve You

Hello to the most incredible customers on the planet! We love you all like you are part of the family. :-)

We would like to update you on the exciting changes happening within the company. This last year has been one of the busiest years for Bend Soap! To say there have been some MAJOR changes would be an understatement. 

There have been some incredibly major changes, including the end of our Bend storefront and shipping warehouse and a huge big move for the entire company.

If you are local to Bend or Central Oregon, this is not news to you.


Bend Soap Warehouse Team

A NEW Shipping Facility in Tennessee

You may have noticed that your packages are now arriving from Lawrenceburg, TN. While you might be curious or perhaps even confused, we wanted to address this change and assure you of the good reason behind it. 

First, we want to make sure you know that while you may have not seen our faces as much, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Although we have made some changes, each one has been made with you, our customer, in mind, and we’re excited to share with you today!

For several years, Dwight has traveled all over the country looking for a second location for Bend Soap. 

Last summer, we made the decision to open a second shipping location in Tennessee. This move was partly prompted by the impending impact of eminent domain on the building in town we were using. We had to say goodbye to our cute storefront where we met so many of you, and packed up our shipping operations to move to southern Tennessee to a little town called, Lawrenceburg. This town is south of Nashville by a few hours, close to the Alabama border.


Bend Soap. Co Shipping Facility and Storefront Demolished

Bend Soap CO. Shipping Facility Bulldozed in Bend


Tennessee presents an extraordinary opportunity for companies like ours to flourish, propelled by the embrace of American values. With a skilled workforce that exemplifies unwavering dedication, Tennessee aligns seamlessly with our company's very essence. Our commitment to hard work seems at home with the industrious American spirit that permeates every corner of this remarkable state. Furthermore, we're thrilled to see that our team members now benefit from an improved cost of living, and we eagerly anticipate seeing them thrive.

Maintaining Affordability Amidst Increasing Costs

When we opened up our second facility in TN, it wasn’t long before we realized that managing multiple warehouses across states was not going to work for us long-term, so in May, we said goodbye to our warehouse on the farm in Bend, OR as well, moving almost the entire operation to TN. We’re so incredibly grateful that so many of our Bend team have moved to TN to join us for this new adventure. They are seriously committed to providing you with the best products!

Despite the surge in costs over recent years, we've upheld our commitment to maintaining affordability, doing our best to keep prices within everyone's reach.  This reflects our enduring dedication to crafting products that are not just high in quality, but also reasonably priced—a principle that sits at the heart of our company values. However, the skyrocketing costs of operating in Oregon have made this endeavor considerably challenging. It has always been our belief that you, our valued customer, should not bear the brunt of these burdens. 

To elaborate, the combined costs of securing high-quality materials and shipping products—be it to our western, central, or expanding eastern customers—have risen to such an extent that maintaining a sustainable operation has become an uphill battle.

We will always do whatever we can to try and keep our products as affordable as possible. Operating out of Tennessee helps us offset those rising costs - both in obtaining products for manufacturing, and in shipping costs to you.

Our Family Visits for the Holiday Rush

In November, our entire family took a road trip to Tennessee to be boots on the ground with the new team, helping to set up shipping operations and provide support for the upcoming season. Downtown Lawrenceburg has a quaint charm about it that we are eager to enjoy.

The new team is delightful and was eager to pitch in and meet the needs of the fun holiday rush. There is much to appreciate about this new community and we look forward to the beginning of a wonderful new season.

Join Us in Our NEW Chapter

We are truly excited to have you accompany us in this next chapter of Bend Soap Company, and we cannot wait to share with you the exciting developments we have in store.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

From Our Hearts, Sincerely,
Dwight and Marilee Johnson


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Hi Jan,
Thanks so much for reaching out via our blog! We are so sorry to have worried you with our big move to Tennessee but are so glad that you found this blog to explain it and relieve your concerns. We are so excited to continue on this journey with you and provide you with your favorite; oatmeal & honey goat milk soap! Thank you for your continued loyalty. 

Bend Soap Company

I’m so glad I found this article because I was really confused when I saw my tracking information was coming from Tennessee. I had no idea that Bend Soap had moved! I am very relieved to know that my favorite soap is still the same quality family made product that it always has been. I was a little worried there for a minute if I’m being completely honest. I love my Oatmeal and Honey Soap.🥰

Jan Carrion

I am late reading this update. Congratulations to you all. Sounds like an exciting time for you all for sure. I am so very grateful to your family and this business. Your product, and your amazing people are truly a blessing to me. I’m not sure I can use anything but your soap and lotion line. I don’t even have words for how much I appreciate you keeping it cost effective for your customer. So much has skyrocketed. But your product is the best quality and keeping it at a price point that we can all afford, it’s just incredible. Thank you to you both and your whole team.


As I eagerly await my recent order I was perplexed to see it was coming from Tennessee!? I was glad to find this post from over a year and a half ago. All my questions are answered here. And I was reassured in my choice to purchase from Bend Soap again. The simplicity of your ingredients is important to me. As a Willemette Valley native now living in California’s Eastern Sierra I appreciated supporting your family run Oregon business. I had considered making my recent purchase from a small artisian nearer to me, but the issue of cost came up and it really didn’t make sense for me. I will continue to shop with Bend Soap and buy in bulk to keep my shipping footprint as small as possible.
Thank you for your perfect products and for the post that helped me understand the changes that happened with your business.


Welcome to the South! To our values and our hospitality! Wishing you best of luck from NW Florida!

Rose Matthews

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