3 Things To Be Thankful For

3 Things To Be Thankful For

This blog post was written by Bend Soap Company co-founder, Marilee Johnson.

Gratitude is in abundance this season! As we enter a special time of the year spent with family, friends, and loved ones, we’re reminded to slow down our busy lives, be grateful for what we have, and give thanks to those who make it possible. Today’s blog highlights three things we can all be grateful for.

#1 Incredible Results

Don’t you just love your skincare products from Bend Soap?! It’s SO encouraging to know that our goat milk soap and other natural skincare products are having such a rich impact on people’s lives! It started with our own experience with Chance’s eczema relief and since then, we’ve been blown away by how many people across the globe have tried our products and reported back great news of the incredible results they've experienced.  

When listening to and sharing your success stories, we’re grateful that these products REALLY DO make a difference in the lives of thousands of people around the globe. This motivates us and brings us so much joy!

Here are just a few testimonials received recently that make us through-the-roof happy (and yes, it was hard to just choose a few!): 

#2 Products that Combat the Dry Season

When you’ve lived in Central Oregon (or any dry climate for that matter) long enough, you know that the early indicator of the weather starting to turn is how your skin looks and feels. When your skin begins looking ashy in texture, your lips get chapped, and you start seeing more dry, itchy patches of skin... the dry season has officially arrived!

As the air gets drier, your skin is at its most vulnerable. With winter weather threatening the way we retain moisture, we’re thankful for these products that not only make our skin look and feel it’s best but keep it protected in all sorts of harsh weather climates. Here are a few of our favorites:

Almond Delight Goat Milk Lotion

For hydration, be sure to keep a tube of this moisture-rich natural lotion within close reach. There’s also just something about this scent that makes us want to curl up on the couch in front of a warm fire! Check out this product here

Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub (Seasonal Product)

Taking a warm shower (especially if you’re just coming in from spending time outside in the cold!) is just what we need to heat things up. Avoid drying out by scrubbing up with the Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub to lock in the moisture. Plus, with most sugar scrubs on the market being made using GMOs, this ultra hydrating sugar scrub can’t be beat! 


Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub


    Peppermint Lip Butter (Seasonal Product)

    This limited edition tube of lip butter is a total crowd pleaser! It’s cool mintiness is great for combating the dry season. Use it once and we’re sure you’ll want to keep one on hand in your purse or backpack, inside your car, in your pocket while on the ski-slope… You get the idea! Learn more about this seasonal best-seller here.

    Goat Milk Soap

    All of our soaps are specifically made for dry skin! YAY! And while we enjoy these particular scents all-year-round, their sweet and spicy fragrances are certainly worth stocking up on during this season:

      #3 Friends and Relationships

      Even though life can get busy and full, it’s still the friends and relationships we make along the way that means the most in life. Whether we’ve known you for years or only just met, it’s a joy to get to come alongside and walk through life together.

      "Whether we’ve known you for years or only just met, it’s a joy to get to come alongside and walk through life together."

      Who would ever have imagined that a little bar of soap could have reached so many? From this little goat farm, to the homes across the country, YOU’RE helping share the love. We feel privileged to know that so many of you have chosen Bend Soap Company to make and provide the skincare products you use and share with your family and friends. You’ve become a part of our heart.

      And, with all of this love and support has come plenty of new growth so that we can reach even more folks! We’re on a mission to help bring these products to the world… and you help every time you share. We’re so thankful that you love to share.

      Back to You

      We’re extremely grateful to all of you who’ve shared great feedback, encouraged us on our journey, and who have helped to spread the news about our products so that we can continue making quality, natural, skincare products for our family and yours! Thank you to all of our customers for your kind words and constantly reminding our team that what we do matters! We hope you have as much or more to be thankful for as we do.

      If you’re feeling up for it, join the conversation by leaving a comment below sharing the top three things that you’re most thankful for! We always enjoy hearing from you.


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