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We’re all about clean ingredients, visible results, and zero compromise. Because what you do put on your body is just as important as what you don’t.

Real People Share Their Real Experiences

We understand the power of using all-natural skincare products made with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. But don’t take our word, take theirs.

the skin on the face of an infant is covered in patches of eczema



smiling infant showing that his skin is free from severe eczema

“My mom saw an ad for your company & brought it to my attention. I couldn’t order fast enough! I placed an order & received it a few days ago. This soap seems to be our miracle product! After only 1 bath & a few lotion applications, his skin dramatically improved! After his 2nd bath today, his skin is almost clear! He definitely seems more comfortable & isn’t scratching like crazy anymore. Angry red patches in his body have calmed, the roughness & dryness in his arms & legs are smoothing, and his scalp is clear & soft…”


How Goat Milk Changed Our Lives

Bend Soap Company was created out of a parent’s mission to find safe, natural, and nourishing products to help soothe their son’s eczema.

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