More Uses

Removes Sap

We were delighted to find that our soap does an excellent job of removing sap! We were at a birthday party and all the boys found this wonderful pine tree to climb. Bath time that night allowed us to test out our new soap on the tree sap. It came off amazingly well, with VERY little scrubbing. After the first two, I decided to start documenting our progress.



Here's a picture of Orin's hands, before and after. And Chance's foot, before and after.



Removes Odors

I went to the kitchen to wash my hands after changing a dirty diaper. Normally, I would have to wash at least twice, to get that distinct smell to vanish. However, I was pleasantly surprised, when using our Unscented variety, that not even a hint of the unwanted smell was left after washing just once. Hoorah for Bend Soap!

Replaces Shampoo

Our whole family, along with many others now, are enjoying the benefits of using Bend soap in place of regular shampoos. Most shampoos have Sodium Laureth Acetate, an ingredient that we all want to stay away from. Our soap has none of this ingredient, or any other chemical or detergent. It lathers amazingly well and leaves your scalp and hair clean and soft. Note, for oily hair, it may take a few washings before your scalp realizes that it doesn't have to produce so much oil anymore.

Replaces Shaving Cream

In place of all those foofy shaving creams and gels, try Bend's Soap on your face or legs! You will love the way you get a clean, close shave, without the drying effects of other creams. Men and Women alike can receive great benefits here.

Removes Stains

We've been thoroughly impressed with the soap's ability to remove coffee stains on the hands. A friendly barista pointed out that using Bend's soap helped to get the stains off her hands. She had tried all sorts of soaps with no success. Then, with only a few washings, the stains diminished. 

Removes Mechanic Grease

My husband and my brother were working on a rig the other day. They came in with their hands covered in grease. Once again, our soap wowed us as we watched the grease just disappear with very little scrubbing. It left behind no stains.