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Can soap really affect the condition of your skin? You bet it can!

We use soap to clean our bodies, but commercial soaps (made with harsh chemicals) often remove beneficial, natural oils that protect your skin! These natural oils on the skin should keep your skin from becoming dry and irritated, and are there for your protection as well.

Toxins in soap are often only the beginnings of dry skin. Let’s review the several reasons your skin may be dry.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin can be caused by some things we CAN control, and some things we CANNOT. The following are a few common causes for dry skin.

Dry Winter Weather – when temperatures drop, so does humidity. Your skin is left parched from indoor heating and lack of moisture in the air.

Hot, Steamy Showers – while standing a few extra minutes in a steamy shower can be soothing, it hurts your skin. The longer you enjoy a steamy shower, the more your skin dries out.

Dehydration – if you don’t keep your body hydrated, your skin will remind you with dryness.

Skin Conditions – eczema and psoriasis are two skin conditions causing dryness, itching, and bleeding. Often the body's inability to exfoliate this dry skin causes the condition to become worse. Symptoms may be reduced or even eliminated by natural remedies.

Moisture-Robbing Soaps – not just any soap will do. Washing with harsh soaps will strip your skin of natural moisture barriers and leave your skin dry and itchy.

Why Some Soaps Irritate Your Skin

Soap should leave your skin clean and smelling good, right? This is what most people think, but in reality, many store-bought soaps may leave skin dry and irritated. Here’s why.

Harmful Ingredients in Soap

Unnatural Fragrance – when a soap lists “fragrance” as an ingredient, it could contain a cocktail of toxins. Often, fragrances contain synthetic chemicals and cancer-causing toxins.

Sulfates – these harsh chemicals make soap lather and create bubbles. Sulfates remove natural oils from the skin and increase absorption on your skin’s surface causing irritation for people with sensitive skin or eczema.

Parabens – this ingredient mimics estrogen. When applied to the skin, it enters the bloodstream and is mistaken by your body for estrogen. Your body may naturally react to higher estrogen by storing fat, decreasing muscle mass, or causing reproductive difficulties.

Triclosan – often found in anti-bacterial soap, this chemical creates dioxin, a carcinogen that disrupts the endocrine system and affects thyroid functions.

It was once thought that the skin was a protective barrier - with nothing able to penetrate the skin’s lining. Hence, strong detergents and chemicals were used in soaps to “clean.” But, it is now a well-known fact, that the skin is highly absorbent and what you put on your body goes directly into the bloodstream THROUGH the skin!

Think about it. If you’re washing with soap every single day, what effects could using these toxins have on your health over a lifetime? YIKES!!

How to Alleviate Dry Skin the Natural Way

Some dry skin issues can be relieved by switching to natural ingredients and removing toxic chemicals from your daily routine. Try a few of these natural remedies.

Avoid long, hot showers

Moisturize your body while it’s still damp

Wash with milk and honey (natural moisturizers!)

Use ingredients known for feeding and nourishing the skin (like Vitamin E, coconut oil, etc)

Naturally exfoliate the skin regularly using goat milk, scrubs, and soaks.

Use gentle, natural soaps

Bend Soap Company’s Goat’s Milk skin care to the Rescue!

All Natural Goat Milk Soap | Bend Soap Company

Did you know goat’s milk soap is rich in moisture and contains vitamins and minerals your skin craves? It’s an amazing natural remedy for dry skin and offers incredible relief for many suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Goat milk itself has superb exfoliating properties that really help to slough off dead skin cells, so the body can absorb and restore.

With goat’s milk soap, you skip the harsh chemicals and wash with an all-natural soap that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and youthful. Nourishing coconut, olive, and red palm oils offer superior nourishment to the skin, as they are full of vitamins and antioxidants the skin craves! No GMO “vegetable” oils like canola, corn, or soybean. Bend Soap also skips the oils that are typical allergens, like Sweet Almond Oil so even the most sensitive of skin-types can use these nourishing soaps.

Take a long soak in a Goat Milk Bath and exfoliate further with a Sugar Scrub to really let that healthy skin glow. Follow a bath or shower with goat’s milk lotion which offers an extra layer of moisture without an oily residue.

While goat’s milk soap is not a cure for skin conditions, it has alleviated or eliminated dry skin symptoms in our family and for hundreds of our customers as well.

Curious? Try it for yourself. We’re confident your skin will love it!