How to Love Your Skin for Only $5

How to Love Your Skin for Only $5

Over 35 million Americans are affected by eczema, a dry scaly rash that can result in itchiness and even raw, bloody patches of skin. In fact, here at Bend Soap, little Chance's encounter with eczema is what spawned the research and development of our first batch of natural goat milk soap. Little information is known about this disease, and doctors are at a loss for what to prescribe. Maybe you, like thousands of others, are at a loss of what to try.

Here's our question for the day: is a simple bar of goat milk soap enough to ease the symptoms of eczema, a painful skin disease that has doctors guessing? It was for Chance. Within his first few baths using our 100% all-natural goat milk soap, the nourishing oils began to feed his skin and reduce his eczema symptoms while cleaning his skin! After a couple of weeks, the festering rashes disappeared completely and continue to stay away as long as he bathes in the milk bath often.

Your Story Can Sound Like This

Since that first batch of goat milk soap, many more folks have shared their stories and experience after using our bars of goat milk soap. Below are just a few of the numerous reviews from eczema suffering customers who are enjoying their bars of goat milk soap from Bend Soap Company: 

"I just wanted to say thank you for your soap. I am thirty years old and have had eczema all of my life, but it got worse just a few years ago (stress being a huge culprit). It was so bad that I would scratch until I bled. Though it is not completely cleared up since using your soap, I have noticed that it doesn't itch so severely. It's slowly healing and going away. But, it is such a relief that I am not constantly scratching. Thank you again for your soap, they smell amazing and leave me feeling very soothed." - Stefanie Kessler

"Thank you so much for the Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk Soap! My baby's eczema spot on his chin got better (less red and flaky) after only two baths!" - Shannon Young

“I tried the soap and it was absolutely amazing! Having eczema all of my life I have tried many remedies, but I wanted to especially send a note to share my experience with Bend Soap. It worked immediately and had my skin feeling great! I also tried it on my face after having a recent allergic reaction and the blemishes vanished IMMEDIATELY! Look forward to making more purchases (and already shared my story with my friends on Facebook and Twitter).” - Selvena Brooks

"Our family is so-o-o impressed with the soap. Our granddaughter, who has eczema, used it today and called me to say how much she liked it. She is without any skin problems, unlike with other soaps." - Linda Hampton

How to Love Your Skin for Only $5 - Bend Soap Company

So, What's the Secret?

Years of dermatologists, steroid creams, and a variety of lotions and creams didn't work for Chance, so what's the secret at Bend Soap Company?

It may be the soothing properties of the natural oils or the well-balanced pH of goat's milk. Or, maybe it's simply nourishing the skin with natural ingredients instead of the caustic chemicals found in most commercially made soaps. Regardless of the reason, our goat milk soap is simple, natural, and goes to show how powerful natural ingredients can be on the skin. We're eager for you to love your skin for less than $5!

Check out all of our available goat milk soap scents and see for yourself why so many people are raving about this all-natural soap. Add goat milk lotion and sugar scrubs to the mix for extra soothing and hydrating skincare routine.

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