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3 Healthy Habits to Make in 2016

3 Healthy Habits to Make in 2016

At Bend Soap Company, we want to encourage you in this unique time that comes right after the fun New Years celebrations, when things calm down and life settles back into a normal routine. The first few weeks of a new year can bring on pressure and overwhelm when it comes to following through with resolutions. Whatever goals you have set this year, try giving yourself some grace and break them up into small steps to be completed throughout.

One of the more common New Years resolutions is to be healthier and lead a more organic lifestyle. This is no easy feat, especially when trying to change everything all at once. To make that transition a little easier, we're sharing three health-inspired tips you can incorporate into your daily life that, when practiced on a regular basis, will become habits before you know it!

Here are three healthy habits to make in 2016:

  1. Start to read ingredients. When you are shopping, start intentionally skimming through the ingredients on everything you pick out before setting it down in the cart. As a rule of thumb, consider putting the item back on the shelf if you find you can’t pronounce what’s in it.

  2. Start researching. Although this may sound intimidating and not so much fun, knowing things for yourself is much more enlightening than just taking someone’s word for it. Now, we're not saying to go search your nearest library and spend hours over books. Just try picking out one of the ingredients you didn’t know and look it up. We’ve got the world at our fingertips!

  3. Start wherever you like. More often is the case that people try changing up their diet before anything. Yet, what many don’t know is that the common products around their house are just as important. Switching out your soap for a natural option is an easy and refreshing first step. Then you slowly just keep going, one by one!

We went through these healthy habits, too. To start, we went through all of our products, switching out toxic soaps, lotions, shampoos, body washes, and even our bubble bath. The list just went on from there when we recognized just how many things we used for our skin. Then we got rid of deodorants, toothpastes, shaving creams, and chap sticks and replaced them with healthier alternatives.

Soon enough they were all gone and we never looked back after we realized just how life changing this all was.

This year, make the easy switch to Bend Soap Companies all-natural goat milk soap. With just a few ingredients that are pure and nourishing, our soap helps your skin become healthy and smooth all year long.

Your health is a journey. Enjoy it!

Here’s to happy and healthy lathering the whole year through!