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Handcrafting goat milk soap and all-natural skincare products for our family and yours.

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Pure, Nourishing Ingredients from Nature

We were tired of “all-natural” skincare products that were made with toxic ingredients and didn't live up to the hype, so we made our own. At Bend Soap Company, we’re all about clean ingredients, visible results, and zero compromise. Because what you do put on your body is just as important as what you don’t.

Real People Share Their Real Experiences

We understand the benefit of using all-natural goat milk soap and skincare products made with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. Healthy skin doesn't have to be complicated or hard to achieve. But don’t take our word, take the word of our wonderful customers who trust in the power of goat milk. 

"The one thing that we have seen the most success with is the goat milk bath from Bend Soap Company. This stuff is magic, we throw a handful in the bath and let her body soak for 15-20 minutes. Then we pat dry with a towel and lather her up in goat milk lotion. Put socks over and done! This is usually before bed. It has been so helpful for her skin!"


How Goat Milk Changed Our Lives

Created out of a parent’s mission to find safe, natural, and nourishing products to help soothe their son’s eczema, Bend Soap Company is a family-run skincare company dedicated to creating healthy, affordable, all-natural goat milk soap.


Our Values

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